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top sale kemei km 2199 5 in 1 electric hair remover trimmer wet and dry rechargeable lady shaver epilator facial massage tool приобрести по лучшей цене

This KM-2199 Beauty Tool Kit features epilator, facial brush, massager, women’s shaver and callus remover. You can use it to remove hair and clean skin pore deep as well as remove callus. 5 in 1 DesignEpilator, massager, facial brush, callus remover, and shaver heads . Washable Design You can use it when you are having shower, but please do not wet the power adapter. Functions of These HeadsRemove hair, do massage, clean face, remove callus. Specifications Name KEMEI Beauty Tool Kit Model KM-2199 Power Voltage110-240V (adapter) Clean TypeWashable Charging Time8-10 hours Using Time35-40min Product Weight177g Product Size15.5 x 4.5 cm Package Contents1 x Epilator Head1 x Brush Head1 x Massager Head1 x Shaver Head1 x Callus Remover Head1 x Power Adapter 1 x Brush1 x Manual
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