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The Jiaqi RC Dinosaur is designed to be smart and fun with programmable mode and touch sensor in its tail. It features 8 different moves plus dancing and singing modes and you can guide its movements and program its moves using the remote control. And with its tail touch sensor, it will swing its tail and emit sounds if you touch the button. Programmable Design Press the program button to enter the programmable mode. Input the moves and then press the program button again to stop. The dinosaur would do all the moves. Singing and Dancing Press the each button and the dinosaur would start singing or dancing with the rhythm. IR RemoteWith advanced IR technology, it will instantly respond to your request. Touch Sensor ButtonTouch the button and the dinosaur would wave its tail and make a sound. Specification Product Brand Jiaqi Product Name Remote Control Dinosaur Product Model TT320S Color Jacinth Product Size 77 x 28 x 17.5cm Package Size 86 x 24.5 x 32cm

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