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Despite the importance of culture in teaching and learning, in influencing every aspect of life and in dictating school rules and regulations; the culture of Islamic schools in Tanzania is hardly documented. Yet literature on the subject and contextual schooling experiences reveal that the schooling culture in Islamic schools is not as the same as in regular public schools. Culture is dynamic and fluid. It has variations across contexts and societies. Therefore, understanding it is only possible by understanding the perceptions, views and attitudes of those that practice and value the entire culture. This research based book employed a qualitative approach to explore the culture of Islamic schools from the research participants view point. The findings revealed a great influence of the Islamic religion on the culture of Al-Aqsa Islamic seminary secondary school, the school where this study was conducted. The culture was then found to dictate the formulation and implementation of school rules and regulations. These rules regulate school leadership, students’ admission, employment, interaction, teaching and learning, communication and generally, it influences every aspect of school.
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