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Suitable for self-study or classroom use, Oxford Exam Excellence is a complete training programme for secondary school students preparing for examinations in English. Coverage of exam requirements all key exam topics explored in 12 topic-based units; 10 pages of preparation and practice in every unit, on two levels: Bl and B2 (according to the Common European Framework); colour-coded, self-contained Reading, Listening, Use of English, Writing and Speaking practice sections in each unit; a wide range of testing task types practised throughout; exam strategies and tips. Systematic exam training Study Diary: a contents page that helps you to plan your revision and track your progress; How To Study: ideas for practising for the exams; Exam Tips: things to remember when completing an exam task; Smart Key, which also explains why answers are correct. Full support Speaking Bank: useful phrases for communication tasks; Writing Bank: model texts, useful language and tips for effective writing; Word Bank: key vocabulary for all the exam topics - organised by subject; Smart CD: audio CD which contains recorded listening material and the full listening scripts for use on a computer or to print out. Flexibility can be used on its own as an intensive training programme, or as an exam training supplement to any English course; fully customisable to the learner's needs: units and sections can be completed in any order; time indicators in every section help forward planning.
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