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This book deals “An Element of Pathos in Christopher Marlowe’s play “DR.FAUSTUS’’.The scope of the study is strictly limited to the undisputed play Dr. Faustus.The works of Marlowe have been studied from a variety of points of view. The words of Swinburne sum up to a large extent the general critical estimation of the achievement of Marlowe that he is the father of English tragedy and the creator of English blank verse and was therefore also the teacher and guide of Shakespeare.Eliot raised three relevant objections against these observations.He pointed out that Kyd has ‘as good a title’ to the honour of the father of English tragedy.Secondly,Surrey ‘has a better style’ to the honour of the reator of English Blank verse. Thirdly,‘Shakespeare was not guided or taught by any one of the precursor and contemporaries alone’.A tragic hero of Marlowe tries to surpass not only human environment but also the human limitations.An attempt has been made to project the pathetic element in Dr. Faustus as it eminently suited the artistic genius of Christopher Marlowe.A hero of this sort reached the pinnacle of perfection in his hands. The catastrophic history of Dr.Faustus.....

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