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usb 3 0 19p 20p 19 pin 20 pin usb3 0 male socket 90 degree motherboard chassis front seat expansion connector and bracket cable приобрести по лучшей цене

1. Black wire seen in the panel as a whole more attractive and durable. 2. Shell surface frosted injection effect the closer color and effect with chassis. 3. USB power supply with Fujitsu FP solid capacitors can guarantee a stable power supply at high temperatures. 4. Panel increases the HUB chip only a 20 PIN or rear USB3.0 interface can be converted to four USB 3.0 ports; This panel is a 20PIN into four USB3.0 front panel motherboard; Supports USB3.0 20PIN socket. Special Note: This panel is mounted to the chassis soft drive position that is 3.5-inch optical drive size.
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