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usb 3 0 to sata ide ata data adapter 3 in 1 for pc laptop 2 5 3 5 hdd hard disk driver with power z09 drop ship приобрести по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model IDE-SATA Quantity 1 Piece Color Red + black Material ABS + copper + lead Compatible Models SATA motherboard IDE devices Interface 40-pin IDE female to SATA male Features One 40-pin IDE port; One Serial ATA port; One 4-pin power connector; Converts Serial ATA to Parallel ATA; Supports ATA 100 / 133; Compliant with serial ATA specification; Convert the IDE to SATA or SATA to IDE devices to enhance the devices resource utilization rate (such as the SATA motherboard can connect the IDE HDD or the IDE motherboard to connect the SATA HDD); Supports DVD DVD-RW MO CD-ROM CD-RW HDD; Mini design will not occupy the space; Supports the HDD larger than 137GB; Supports various data transmission such as: ATAPI ATA133 ATA100 ATA 66 ATA 33 EIDE etc.; Adopts SUNPLUS professional converter chip: spif223a; Bidirectional adapter suitable for serial ATA and Parallel ATA SATA to IDE or IDE to SATA; Support the Serial ATA transfer rate of 1.5Gb/s (150MB/s); Compliant with serial ATA 1.0 specification Packing List 1 x IDE SATA adapter 1 x SATA data cable (30cm) 1 x Power cable (20cm)
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