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use of journal literature in the field of sciences приобрести по лучшей цене

Content Analysis has been used fruitfully in a wide variety of research applications in LISc as a part of Bibliometric study. Bibliometric is a major sub-discipline of quantitative research; it provides careful evaluation of periodical literature by providing a complete picture of the core publications of any specific subject. It is therefore, being consistently adopted by the LIS researchers to assess & evaluate the Scientific output of the published literature on any specific subject domain for a definite period through the application of Bibliometric and Citation indicators. This book identifies contents of LIBRES: Library and Information Science Research Electronic Online Journal published in DOAJ, that are accessible freely on the web. It also provides the trend of Open access Journal publishing in the field of LISc in terms of language, top-level domain, country and time. Furthermore,it helps in determining the highly cited journals,ranking of prolific authors, productive pattern,journals impact factor & other significant details of the journal under study. Moreover, the book has been immensely useful for librarians in selection and weeding policies.

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