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This car air vent mount holder fits most Tablet. Allow you to rotate your device for the perfect viewing position and will lock into place. It is easy to be installed and fixed at your car's vent firmly. Features Mount holder for Tablet PC. Rotatable design for providing more angles of viewing. Adjustable length and width to fit for all kinds of size. Soft cushion on arms is perfect for protection against scratches. No tools required, easy to install and fix firmly at your car's vent. Mount is easily removed, and when used properly, will not damage your car's air vents. Specifications Material High-impact ABS, Rubber Product Length 12cm-20cm Product Width 2cm-6.5cm Package Size 12cmL x 9cmW x 17.5cmH N.W. 200g What's in the box? 1 x Car Air Vent Mount Holder
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