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walkera rc g 3s sony gimbal professional mini metal brushless gimbal for sony rx100ii camera приобрести по лучшей цене

G-3S Gimal is a high-precision and portable Gimbal specifically designed for SONY RX100Ⅱ camera by Walkera.Adopting aluminum alloy CNC precision matching brushless motor drivehigh accuracy intelligent electronic control systemit can be widely applied to film photography​ advertising aerial photography etc.The highly precise and stable structure can ensure the aircraft accurately control the mounted camera to keep stable during high-speed flying and take the best aerial photography pictures and videos. G-3S Features and Technical Parameters *Support SONY RX100 Ⅱ camera video auxiliary output - Support the motor drive end short circuit protection - Support initial tilt and roll angle custom - Support stick position mode and raid mode - Support regular receiver - Operating voltage: DC 7.4V-28V(recommended 12V 3S Lipo battery - Operating current: 600mA-700mA (depends on the valtage supplied and motor power) - Operating temperature:-15℃-65℃ - Sensor:3-axis MEMS gyro and 3-axis MEMS accelerometer - Control accuracy:0.02 - Angle control range: -135-90'C (tilt) -35-35'C (roll) - Applicable camera:SONY RX100Ⅱ - Size: 134mm x 166mm x 147mm (L x W x H) - Weigh: 340g (Without camera) - The controller program can be upgraded on Walkera website (UP02 and UP02 adapter requested)
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