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Useful Microfiber Cleaning Cloth with lanyard to be hanged up. A multifunctional towels with high water absorption performance, exquisite workmanship and good touch feeling. 30 x 40cm Thickening Water Absorption Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Comes with lanyard, convenient to hang it up. Made of high quality microfiber, with high water absorption performance, and do not easily fade. Soft, comfortable, and friendly to skin. Of fine and exquisite workmanship to show your good taste. Can be used to wipe the table, floor, window, furniture, etc. Specifications Name Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Type Cleaning cloth / Hand Towel Material Microfiber Color Coffee, Navy, Lake blue Packing Method OPP bag Package Weight 70 g Package Size 20 x 20 x 5 cm
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