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01. Video Clips: Leaves' Eyes - Hell To The Heavens CAIN-Torture Oracul Wut lied Eigensinn - Raus INTO THE MIST - Mislealia (The Path To The Mist) Gypsy Death Star - Werewolf Heart Freakangel -The Ones To Fall 3 Cold Men - Heavy Smile Mystigma - Was Von Der Nacht Noch Iibrig Bleibt Mundtot - Einsamkeit und Zweifel Lovelorn Dolls - After Dark Voodoma - Virus All Hallows Eve - Innocent No:carrier - Last Scene I:scintilla - Skin Tight Born For Bliss - Underground Herzparasit - Samthaut Psy'Avian - Letting Go In Mitra Medusa Inri - Papaverland Nina Belief - Kora Cries Opera Multi Steel - Mauvais Oeil Liquid Grey - Love Under Will Essence Of Mind - Escape Northern Sadness - Leave Minusheart - Song For The Blind X-in June - Summer's End A Pale Moon - Mistaken Paranoid Android - Heaven Six Inch - Wound Torn Bride Psycherotique - Der Tag Nach Fur Immer The Dark Unspoken - Breakthrough Saints Of Ruin - The Thirst Voodoma feat. Lei с hen wetter - Sin To Sin Krystal System - Rage Arts Of Erebus - Insight In Darkness Gates Of Dawn - Ovando Der Klinke -The Facts Of Life Andreas Gross - Goodbye Mainstream New Risen - Private Cell (Sanctuary Remix) Dynamic Syndicate - The Death Comes Slowly No:carrier - The Nine Days' Queen Plastic Autumn - Distance Felsenreich - Brainloop Pecadores - Exu Caveira The Surreal Funfair - At Night Second Skin - Living On The Dance Floor Unur-You Still Blink DAS WAR KRACH - Du Bist Toll BLACKIE - Was fur ein Land Nina Belief - Severance Genetic Disorder - Koma Fundetta - Metzger Connection Closed - Leichenschander Elafynoh - Dark Ambient [sewer.burn] Scarless Arms -10000 Miles Off Course Twisted Destiny - Cut The Distance Naughty Whisper - Devil's Honey Rabbit At War - Next Door Lover02. Audio Tracks: Velozipath - Saracen Voodoma - Sanctus Domine Reactive Black - Everything I Am Elandor - Obscura One Dice -1 Die Today No:carrier - Last Scene (Radio Mix) Mystigma - Gottlos Deesse - Closer Psycherotique - Schliess deine Augen All Hallows Eve - The Dreaming (feat. Rachel Speight & Mike York) Paranoid Android - Cast A Spell Genetic Disorder - Anasthetikum (De:Ad:Cibel) - Disconnected Child BATZZ in the belfry - Power Over Me Schandpfahl - Elixierum Born For Bliss - Forever Strap On Halo - Strigoi The Dark Unspoken - Highway Felsenreich - Fever Emotion Dusterpiano - Versammlung der Krahen Inmost Silence - Self-Deification Descendants Of Cain - Ghost Of Substance Krankheit - Figaros Schlachtfest Projekt Ich - Der Fall Mensch Twisted Destiny - Pessimist Tranenwelten - Der Mensch ist das Mahl INTO THE MIST - Her Crown Of Thorns Noicarrier - The Nine Days' Queen (Single Mix) The Daughters Of Bristol - The Leaving The Shallow Graves - Cold Night Reptyle - Morning Heir Scarless Arms - Lavenderblush Elafynoh - Stupid Liar Programmist - Heartland (The Lost Episode Layout Version) 03. Special Live Clipss: The Mission - Naked And Savage (Brixton Academy 2011) IKON - Fall Apart {Cologne 2011 / Preview Edit) Whispers In The Shadow - If Uriel Falls (Frankfurt 2010) Traumtaenzer - Krieger (Bochum 2012) Downstairs Left - Out Of Reach (Frankfurt 2011) Vendemmian - Shine On (Frankfurt 2010) Krankheit - Figaros Schlachtfest Reptyle - Just Another Message

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