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Decorate your bathroom or living room with this FUNLIFE DIY 3D Geometric Shapes Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker. FUNLIFE DIY 3D Geometric Shapes Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker Made from acrylic material, present a mirror on the wall. No measuring, no cuts, just peel and stick. Waterproof and easy to use. Easy to remove without damaging your wall. The crystal surface forms a perfect reflection of light. Can be used to smooth walls to decorate living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, very beautiful. Specifications Brand FUNLIFE Material PS, Acrylic Colors Silver, Gold Quantity 1 set=4 pieces (each piece include 7 small pieces) Product Weight 250 g Product Size 20 x 80 cm Package Weight 280 g Package Size 18 x 14 x 3 cm
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