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Advantages of Xiaomi Travel Toiletry Wash Bag Made of polyamide fiber and PU coating, waterproof, stain-proof, sturdy and durable. Antirust Zinc alloy zip fastener and ssubstantial ribbon weaving handle. With carrying hook, it can be hung on a doorknob or carry it while traveling or at home. Large compartments to keep your items neatly organized, can put your cosmetics, toothbrush, and razor etc. toiletry items in this bag. U-shaped opening, ladder-shaped structure, 3L big capacity, 300ml body wash is fitted on the bottom, you can even put the bag up-right the wash station. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Material Polyamide Fiber + PU Product Size 22L x 9W x 15.5H cm Package Content 1 x Xiaomi Travel Toiletry Wash Bag
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