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yingnuost d66 anti theft multifunctional waterproof backpack digital camera shoulder oxfords with inner bag large capacity приобрести по лучшей цене

Engineering Advanced Bearing System With the advanced bearing system and better ventilation design, this camera backpack is designed to provide you with better-using experience. Back Opening Design Anti-Theft System Adapting back opening design, this camera backpack improved its level of anti-theft. The cameras in the bag are hard to reach for someone behind you. Add-On Hook for Tripod The side position of the camera backpack equipped with hooking cables for you to fix your tripod on your bag easily to meet your need in the different environment. Water Proof Rain Cover There is a high-density waterproof terylene rain cover coming with the bag which is designed to provide the waterproof function on rainy days. Large Capacity for Different Needs With the large capacity, you can put two cameras with five lenses or one camera with six lenses inside the camera backpack. Specification Brand NEWDAWN Model ND-826 Type Multifunctional camera backpack Material Waterproof nylon Product Weight About 1.9kg Fabric Tape High density durable nylon tape Product Size 47 x 30 x 21cm Zipper YKK Color Red, Green
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