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In this choose-your-own-path version of Hamlet, you get to read the Bard's play as you like it. What if Hamlet isn't such an emo drag? What if Ophelia steals the show and takes sweet revenge... with science? What if you just leave all that lame castle drama to the living and go searching for sunken pirate treasure as a ghost? You can totally do that!You can choose your way through more than a billion possible paths. Each ending features a full-page illustration by an amazing artist, including New York Times bestsellers Noelle Stevenson and Randall Munroe.Packed with cool side quests, fun puzzles, and stellar puns, To Be or Not To Be offers new surprises every time you read. You can ride the ghost time machine, unlock secret fighting skills or super-secret kissing skills, and see what happens when you turn Hamlet into a trout. The choices are literally (almost) endless!

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