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zhongguojie absorb bamboo fibre bath towel приобрести по лучшей цене

Video Adopting Avati long-staple cotton, Xiaomi ZSH.COM bath towel is soft and skin-friendly. With brilliant absorption capacity, the ZSH.COM towel can quickly absorb the water of your body and hair. The Sweden anti-mite material Polygiene can effectively inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria, mites, and will not cause odor. Bright Color Let you start a good day. Sweden Polygiene Inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria, mites, and leave no odor. Soft and skin friendly Made of super soft long-staple cotton that is gentle on the face and skin. Brilliant Absorption Capacity Quickly absorb the water of your hair and body. Environmentally friendly Not a chemical additive, no softener Specifications Brand Xiaomi Category Bath Towel Material Cotton For Adults, Kids, Teenagers Occasion Bathroom, Bedroom Product Weight 680g Product Size 30x22x10cm Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi ZSH.COM Bath Towel
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