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The exodus tradition in the Hebrew Bible is about YHWH who liberated the Israelites from bondage in Egypt, who divided the Red Sea waters and provided manna in the desert. As the tradition was passed on, it motivated generations of Jewish descendants in many problematic situations and encouraged them to trust in the “God of their fathers” who would continue to save. The modern post-biblical world has also drawn motivation from the exodus liberation motif. Prominent theologians from Latin America, the USA, South Africa, Rhodesia and Zimbabwe have explored this motif and feature in this book. The title Reading the Exodus Liberation Motif in the Modern Post-Biblical World: The Zimbabwean Society and the Reality of Oppression is necessitated by Zimbabwe’s experience of oppression. The function of the exodus tradition during colonialism in Rhodesia is discussed because it forms the nucleus from which Zimbabwe was born. Recently the Zimbabwean people have been subjected to unjust treatment by the postcolonial Zimbabwean government that has turned into a regime. The function of the exodus liberation motif in the Zimbabwean situation is explored in chapters five and six, respectively.
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